Keep the National Fly Life Questionnaires Coming In! Questionnaire Completion Date Extended to Friday, Dec. 5 Due to Postal Strike

Excellent Reports on Fly Life in the UK Rivers Received from Salmon & Trout Association Members and Others.

Excellent Reports on Fly Life in the UK Rivers Received from Salmon & Trout Association Members and Others. Anglers, Keepers, Owners and Club Officials are sharing their observations on abundance (or lack of abundance) of fly life on the rivers they are familiar with. All responses are important, whether an angler has 30 years of observations or 2 years of observations. A greater number of thoughtfully completed questionnaires received will help to make the results that much stronger. To date we have over 250 surveys, with 7 surveys arriving today (the 27th of November, 2003). We can do better than 250 surveys! The S&TA has over 15,000 individual members and 90,000 club members.

There is still time to encourage others to complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire was sent out with the fall S&TA newsletter and is available online by clicking here, or call 020 7283 5838.

The local environmental knowledge angler’s gain through years of experience at the river bank or lake is an invaluable environmental record. Aquatic species such as fly life, are sensitive to changes in water quality and quantity and thus important indicator species. And as angler’s are the experts on flies, who better to report on what is happening with the fly life in our waters than anglers!

This call for research data follows the Frake & Hayes report on fly life in southern chalkstreams. Conducted by Allan Frake of the Environment Agency and Peter Hayes of the Wiltshire Fishery Association, this major report identifies the serious decline of fly life abundance in these rivers over the past 20 years. Read the S&TA media release regarding that report by clicking here. Read the coverage the Independent gave this issue by clicking here. The National Fly Life Questionnaire follows the same methodology as the previous survey and the data will be analysed by the same scientists to ensure consistency.

If the fly life in the UK rivers is declining, then the S&TA will call on the Government agencies responsible to put resources into finding the causes. We will also pressure the Government to develop and implement a course of action to reverse the disturbing trend and bring our rivers back to health – as we are doing for the southern chalkstreams. The S&TA is fighting for the future of game angling