Members’ Update on S&TA’s Charitable Status and Angling Unity

“.we believe that our wider Charitable remit provides the best possible way for us to win arguments and influence Governments…”

Salmon & Trout Association

For Fish, People and Environment

Great Opportunities from Charitable Status – alongside Angling Unity!

“.we believe that our wider Charitable remit provides the best possible way for us to win arguments and influence Governments…”

S&TA – Anglers for the Environment!

S&TA was established in 1903 to address the damage done to our rivers by the polluting effects of the Industrial Revolution. For 105 years, the Association has worked tirelessly to protect fisheries, fish stocks and the wider aquatic environment on behalf of game angling and fisheries, and our endeavours have now been acknowledged with the granting of charitable status in England and Wales (we are now addressing registration in Scotland). We are privileged to have official recognition that we are anglers safeguarding the future of our rivers, lakes, lochs and their dependent species, for the public benefit.

A Fantastic Opportunity!

S&TA’s charitable objectives now empower us to use our highly regarded influencing skills to address all issues affecting fish and the aquatic environment, backed up by strong scientific evidence from our burgeoning Science Department – a vital factor in 21st century policy and decision making processes. Not only can we address all the issues we covered before, but the flexibility provided by being a Charity enables us to take the widest possible remit in protecting salmonid fish stocks, and the environment on which they depend.

We now have the best of both worlds: a return to the days when S&TA’s scientific foundation was respected throughout the global fisheries world, matched with a capability of using that science to support a highly professional fisheries lobby to influence decision makers for the public benefit. This includes angling, of course, but also the communities that angling’s economy supports, the social issues it addresses, the habitats on which it depends and, therefore, the interests of everyone with a love of the water environment, for whatever reason.

Your Subscription now goes further!

Even better news! Charitable status means that, if you are a UK tax payer, your subscription can now be gift aided, so that S&TA receives a further 28p in the £ from the Inland Revenue to help fund our work – and, if you are a higher rate tax payer, you can claim the difference between the lower and higher rates of tax back on your tax return – a win/win situation for fish, the environment and your pocket!

S&TA alongside Angling Unity in England

During the English Angling Unity’s ‘Due Diligence’ process, it has been confirmed that S&TA, as a Charity, needs to be self-governing. This means that S&TA is now uniquely placed to provide a professional influencing lobby for the protection of salmonids and, indeed, all other fish species and their habitats. We can, and wish to, do this alongside a unified English angling body, whilst retaining the financial and other advantages of charitable status for environmental work. To this end, we are currently negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding between the organisations within English Angling Unity and ourselves, so that S&TA can remain an independent Charity, supported by anglers with policies directed towards public benefit. We believe that our wider Charitable remit provides the best possible way for us to win arguments and influence Governments.

Web Site

Our activities are too numerous to mention here, but please visit our web site – Read about our continuing work on water and environmental issues, fly life and the Riverfly Partnership, fish stock management, access, and many other issues – Browse through our growing list of scientific papers – and learn about our expanding educational programme

Please sign up to Gift Aid on our web site – simple to do, but a major benefit for fish, the environment and the many people dependent on, and taking pleasure from, both! Click here.

And remember – S&TA’s charitable status highlights the fact that, as a member, you are an angler supporting the wellbeing of the aquatic environment and its dependent species. You could not put your money to better use in support of that aim!

Please Note: We are writing separately to Branch Chairmen and Organisers to involve them in establishing a new Branch Constitution template. Suffice to say here that, as far as members are concerned, the Branches will continue to operate as normal, albeit under slightly altered legal status to abide by charitable rules.

Meanwhile, thank you for your continued support for our work – the resources you provide for us will be put to the best possible use by our enthusiastic and professional HQ team.