New S&TA Stillwater Survey

The Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) has recently launched its new Stillwater Fly Abundance Study.

The Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) has recently launched its new Stillwater Fly Abundance Study.

S&TA has successfully operated its Riverfly Abundance Study since 2002. This evolved from the Chalkstreams Millennium Survey instigated by Peter Hayes and Allan Frake in 2000. The results of that Study, which is live and updated each year from forms completed by our members, were largely responsible for bringing the plight of aquatic invertebrates to public attention, and for encouraging the Environment Agency (EA) to join the Riverfly Partnership.

We are looking to do the same for Stillwater flies as we are doing for flowing water invertebrates. The idea is to measure the abundance (or otherwise) of stillwater fly life across the UK, and then to monitor changes by updating it annually. We are looking for anglers, clubs and fishery managers to take an active part in the project, and thus to get as many forms filled in as possible across all the stillwaters in the UK. Every form filled in will be a piece of evidence which we can use to understand what is going on with the fly life in our stillwaters, and the data produced will enable us to bring any necessary pressure to bear on the owners, managers, and regulators of those stillwaters both locally and nationally. It will help define our policies to influence national decision making over the management and conservation of the UK’s Stillwater fisheries.

You will see that we are including some non-flying bugs, and also fish fry, which are all vital to ascertaining the health of our stillwaters. We have included all the main items of stillwater life that are of interest to anglers — because you, as anglers regularly present on the water, are the only people who can be relied on to tell us accurately what is going on. This is all about getting a grip on our common interests.

Every completed form will automatically be entered into a prize draw for a top prize £100 angling retail voucher.

To download the survey form please click below;

Stillwater Water Survey Form