Salmon & Trout Association’s new web video visually stunning and surprising

Salmon & Trout Association’s new web video visually stunning and surprising

Riverflies, the new six-minute video shown exclusively on the Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) website (, takes an intimate look at riverflies and their environment. In particular, it demonstrates how fragile and inter-dependent the aquatic ecosystem supporting these insects is and how, with just a few pieces of wood and some thought, anglers can help these essential creatures flourish in a river system.

Shot by S&TA consultant and instructor John Slader, the video shows in close up detail the riverfly life cycle as it happens on a stretch of river. It demonstrates how opportunistic they are when choosing suitable sites for egg-laying – which can include an unwary angler’s wading boots! And how the strategic placement of fly boards can provide perfect egg laying sites.

Viewing this short video is a must for all anglers interested in the health of the rivers they fish – and graphically illustrates, too, how easily non-native species can be transported from site to site unless due care is taken.

Paul Knight, S&TA CEO, declares, "John Slader’s photography brilliantly encapsulates the environmental requirements necessary for river flies to thrive, and some of the issues getting in their way. Anglers so often feel they can deliver little individual contribution to making our better places for fish and wildlife, but this video shows how everyone of us can make a real difference, just with a little co-ordinated thought and effort."

View the riverflies video