The trustees of the Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) are delighted to announce the appointment of Richard (Dick) Bronks as the charity’s new Chairman.
He follows James Carr, who has now stood down after six years in the Chair.

Mr Bronks retired from the banking industry, where he spent the majority of his business career, in 2007. In the latter part of his career he co-managed Goldman Sachs’s
Global Commodity Business as well as responsibility for Goldman’s European Emerging Markets Businesses (dealing in Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa).

He has been a trustee of the S&TA since 2009 when he has headed the Fundraising Committee as well as taking an active role in promoting the S&TA’s aims and objectives.
“As an enthusiastic fisherman with two young children, I am firm believer in the S&TA’s work in protecting the aquatic environment for future generations to enjoy – whether or not they are anglers themselves,”
he declares. “Living in Hampshire I am particularly affected by the issues facing our historic southern chalk streams but, of course, our precious rivers are under threat nationwide, and it is my avowed intention to
ensure that the S&TA continues to be a vocal and effective champion in this cause.”

Paul Knight, S&TA CEO, says, “We are extremely lucky to have Mr. Bronks, who has been such a dedicated advocate for the S&TA and who has such a raft of business experience at the highest level, as our new Chairman.
James Carr, his predecessor, pioneered key transformations, most notably our change to charitable status, and we are very grateful to have enjoyed his guidance for these past six years.
Richard Bronks now takes over at an important point in the S&TA’s history, and he is assured of all our good wishes and support in the coming months.”