A consortium consisting of the Environment Agency, University of Bristol, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (BRC) and the Non Native Species Secretariat has just launched a new version of an app to help tackle invasive plants in the UK. Called PlantTracker the app is available for iPhones and Android smartphones and features 14 priority invasive plant species. The app features text and photographic guides of both the target species and those with which they may be confused, to aid identification. September will be a key month for recording many of these species as they’ll be at their most obvious – so we’re really hoping to alert as many people as possible to it in order to make a start in obtaining a clearer picture of their distributions.

For your information, the data collected is available to anyone who needs it and will filter through to the NBN Gateway once validated. The only missing ingredient required is that lots of people to use it and record invasive plants!

Some key stories are on the blog ( – a couple of early successes. The results page may also of interest (although Himalyan balsam and Japanese Knotweed are the only ones with much data currently – the others have only just been added!).

The apps are available to download from the project’s homepage:
They can also be accessed directly from the app stores:

iPhone –
Android –

Sorry, no support for BlackBerry currently but we hope to add that in the future.