Appointment hugely significant for fisheries interests

Members of Wildlife and Countryside Link (Link) , have voted the Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) Head of Science, Janina Gray, as the  Chair of the Water Group for 2014.  This is the first time a fisheries organisation has been accorded this accolade.

Ever since she joined the S&TA in the autumn of 2007, Janina Gray has shown a total and passionate commitment to the S&TA’s aims which has helped lift the Association to a whole new level on the national stage.  Representing fisheries and aquatic environment interests on committees and working groups that have included government departments and major environmental charities, Janina has employed her scientific knowledge to ensure that fisheries have a real voice in the decision-making processes that impact so directly on key outcomes.

Janina Gray says, “This is a great honour. The Water Group within Link has a powerful and well respected reputation, particularly around its Blueprint for Water publication, which outlines the steps needed to achieve a sustainable water environment. I look forward to working with colleagues to ensure the aquatic environments needs are clearly heard by all decision-makers and acted on.”

Paul Knight, S&TA CEO, adds, “I am delighted to see a fisheries scientist taking up the chairship of Link’s Water Group. The fact that Janina has been appointed to that position is testament to her experience, knowledge and hard work on behalf of Link, and to the fact that, with her help, fisheries have come in from the environmental cold. We look forward to supporting Janina in her new role, and to joining forces with partners within Link and the Blueprint for Water coalition to better protect the aquatic environment, its fish and all other dependent species.”