Have Your Say! Abstraction Reform Digital Dialogues Now Open.

Abstraction is one of the major issues facing the management of our waterways – and YOU can make sure that the proposed Abstraction Reforms truly are sustainable. Here’s how:

Two online discussions will be running for three weeks from Friday 5th September up until 26th September 2014.

Does your river get much of its flow from water company discharges? Have you ever been affected by a drought? Then you should want to have your say in these discussions on:

  1. Managing water company discharges
  2. Abstraction reform and drought

The discussions go live Friday at 12pm but you can register now:

You will need to complete a simple registration process by going to the register link at the top of the dialogue home page: http://defra.dialogue-app.com/. When you register you will be required to provide a username and email address. The username will be made public along with the comments made in the Dialogue. Please consider this when choosing a username.