S&TA urges action to support Blueprint “Save Our Waters” Campaign

Today sees the launch of the “Save Our Waters” campaign, designed by the Blueprint for Water coalition to ensure that the voices of all who care about our rivers and waterways are heard at the highest level. The campaign’s launch coincides with the publication of the Environment Agency’s 2nd cycle draft River Management Basin Plans (dRMBP), 2015 – 2021, which in essence will determine how our rivers, lakes, estuaries, beaches and wetlands, are managed over the next six years.

The Blueprint for Water coalition, the influential consortium of environmental NGOs which represents over 6 million members and which is chaired by the Salmon & Trout Association’s (S&TA) Head of Science, Janina Gray, has no confidence that these plans will adequately address the key problems facing our waterways today: problems such as pollution, over-abstraction, flooding and proper flood management, which all impact on the health of our rivers and the fish and wildlife that depend on them.

The “Save Our Waters” campaign initiative is spearheaded by the Blueprint to enable us, the people who care about our rivers and waterways, to have our say in how this precious resource is managed and husbanded, and to ensure that our feedback is heard. –

S&TA’s Head of Science, Janina Gray, declares, “Only 25% of our waters are considered to be in good health, our salmon stocks have declined by 40% since the 1970s and almost every day we read of pollution incidents that kill off the fish in large stretches of rivers and streams. This has got to stop! Please sign up to the Campaign and tell the EA that they are on notice to produce plans robust enough to halt and reverse this terrible decline.”

Paul Knight, S&TA CEO adds, “We fully endorse and support the Blueprint coalition because we believe that its aims not only complement ours, but also help us address an audience that embraces people who care about the water environment, as well as purely fisheries interests. The fact that our Head of Science is the first ever Chair of the Blueprint to come from a fisheries organisation demonstrates how valued the input of wider thinking anglers is alongside other environmental and conservation groups.

You can help save our fish and our rivers. Please support the Blueprint for Water coalition’s campaign at