Salmon & Trout Conservation (Scotland) welcomes Scottish Government’s revisions to salmon kill licence proposals

Salmon & Trout Conservation (Scotland) (S&TC(S)) has welcomed today's announcement by the Scottish Government that it intends to dilute its earlier proposals to restrict the killing of salmon within rivers. Restrictions on the killing of wild salmon are now likely to be in line with "a targeted system based on fish stocks."

Scottish Government proposes to exclude those rivers, where salmon stocks are clearly deemed to be robust and sufficiently numerous, from a new conservation regime. The latter will be restricted to those rivers where salmon stocks give cause for concern.

Hughie Campbell Adamson, Chairman of S&TC(S), commented: "We welcome this pragmatic approach. We have long advocated that any exploitation of salmon should be limited to rivers and fisheries with a clear sustainable surplus. There is little point in creating a burdensome administrative system for rivers with healthy stocks. In such circumstances it makes sense to maintain the status quo. It is preferable to concentrate resources on and restrict killing to those rivers where there is a problem, in other words where the best available evidence indicates that stocks are not (or may not be) adequate to warrant exploitation."

Mr Campbell Adamson added: "Our reasons for supporting the principle of kill licensing in Scotland were firstly to see the end of coastal netting and secondly to limit exploitation to those stocks with a sustainable surplus. We therefore welcome these new proposals from Scottish Government and hope that future policy will be sufficiently flexible to allow adjustments as individual stocks dictate."

Full details of the Scottish Government proposals are available at