Version two of the mobile App that gets to the heart of river pollution

The innovative new mobile App developed by Salmon & Trout Conservation UK (S&TC UK) in conjunction with Salisbury & District Angling Club, which was launched last month has already been upgraded to make it one of the most effective weapons to help tackle river pollution.

Version two of the mobile App is free to anyone who has already downloaded the earlier version.  This powerful new upgrade means that it is now possible to use the App even without internet access such as on the river bank. 

The App provides an interactive visual guide to help identify river invertebrate larvae.  Best viewed on a tablet, the App shows easily identifiable features for each species, plus its pollution fingerprint and conservation value.  It also identifies the sensitivity of individual species to particular stresses such as siltation, phosphates, organic pollutions and flow. Their presence or absence is a clear indication of water quality.”

Nick Measham, author of the S&TC UK’s 2015 Riverfly Census said, “The Census has made anglers sit up and think about riverflies, the life blood of our rivers. The App allows them to act. The Census covered 12 rivers and we aim to grow it over 2016 and 2017 to 24 rivers. But this is a fraction of what needs to be done. Working with us, App users will be able to profile many, many more rivers. The App will allow all who care about our rivers to analyse riverflies to species level to give real insight into what is going on.”

The App is available to purchase by all those with an interest in the status of our rivers, particularly those keen to undertake more detailed studies relating to river invertebrates and the specific threats they face through human pressures.   However, to ensure robustness of data and to comply with the overall ethos of the Riverfly Census, training of monitors and initial benchmarking of the river is essential.

Dr Cyril Bennett MBE, who has provided the high quality digital images used in the App, said, “If we are to look after our rivers then we need to do it ourselves and to do that we have to know our bit of river better than anyone else.  Being able to identify and record the invertebrate species expected at our site enables us to keep a closer watch on water quality.”

Andreas Topintzis from Salisbury & District Angling Club, said, “The App development is a big milestone for our club. Together with the species identification course and subsequent benchmarking of our rivers, it has enabled our club to understand much better the current state of the fly populations and hence the quality of the waters we fish. It is a powerful tool which can be used to drive evidence based conversations, versus opinions. We see it as an absolute must for clubs, syndicates, riparian owners and all those who care about their waters.”

The cost of the App is £29.99 and is available for both Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded from the special website

Existing users of version one can upgrade to version two (and subsequent updates) free of charge but this needs to be done with Wifi / internet access.  Simply close down the App and the latest version will be loaded automatically.  Once upgraded the App can be viewed with or without internet access.

Further information on river profiling and the App.