A big, bright new vision for our watery places and the life within them

Salmon & Trout Conservation (S&TC), the national voice for the UK’s wild fish and where they live, has been protecting our watery places for over 100 years. Over this time the issues faced by these environments may have changed, but standing up to keep our waters wild has never been more important.

A healthy water environment is essential for all species to thrive – from the tiniest bug that forms a vital link in the food chain to headline species such as wild salmon and trout, kingfishers and water voles.

To help make their campaigns, achievements and key findings more accessible to all those with an interest in the future health of our water environments, S&TC has re-launched their forward-thinking vision through a new website. The website focuses on the three main campaigns that make up the heart of S&TC:

  • Salmon Farm Reform: Shifting to a sustainable salmon farming industry to keep the natural environment safe
  • Living Rivers– Reviving our watery places and giving water life a healthy place to flourish
  • Riverfly Census– A benchmark for river life to understand what’s really happening under the surface

S&TC’s three campaigns address some of the key problems facing our wild fish and where they live. The new site clearly outlines the work they are doing through their campaigns to find solutions and secure a better future for our watery places. For example, through their salmon farm reform campaign in Scotland, S&TC has been instrumental in bringing the Scottish Government to account on salmon farming and the impact this is having on wild salmon and sea trout.

Paul Knight, Chief Executive of S&TC is delighted with the clarity of the new website and explains:

“People need quick answers these days and our new site, developed by BoldLight, is a huge improvement.  It is easy to navigate and it clearly sets the scene on our three campaign themes, including our positive vision for the future and how seemingly intractable problems can be resolved.”

Paul Knight continues:

“For too long, the unseen water world has received little priority when decisions are taken on development, over-abstraction and land use, or because supposed more important needs or individual interests take precedent.  If this continues, we could lose the very things we hold most dear inside a generation, including - healthy rivers, abundant wild fish stocks and other water life that depend on clean water to survive.  But we are determined this will not happen.  Our passion is to hand over to the next generation an aquatic environment to be proud of and one that gives our fish, birds and mammals a safe and flourishing place to live, now and in the future.”

In addition to the new website, S&TC has adopted a new look, including a logo refresh that more accurately reflect the ethos of the charity and the many species that are so closely interconnected in our water environments. This very eye-catching logo was kindly designed by Steve Edge Design.

For information on this press release or images, please contact: Morag Walker, mobile: 07736 124097 or email: morag@salmon-trout.org

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