Anne Voss-Bark Memorial Award 2018

In its fourth year, the Anne Voss-Bark Memorial Award 2018 is now open to students.

See below for details on this exciting award, and please share with any suitable students you may know.


What is the Anne Voss-Bark Memorial Award?

Set up by Salmon & Trout Conservation in collaboration with the Arundel Arms and Fario Club, the Anne Voss-Bark Memorial Award 2018 offers students:

  • One week work experience with the West Country Rivers Trust; learning catchment management and water science from the Trusts eminent scientists
  • Two day fly fishing course
  • Complimentary stay at the Arundell Arms hotel during the work experience
  • £250

The work experience for the winning student will be organised for this autumn.


Who is the Anne Voss-Bark Award open to?

The award is open to young fisheries or aquatic students and offers an unbeatable opportunity to study the practical elements of river restoration and management.


What does a previous winner say?

Vicky Fowler, from Holmfirth, Yorkshire who studied biological science at Exeter University, is a previous winner of the Award and found the experience extremely beneficial in her future career. She says,

“This was such a rewarding experience and it was the first time that I had appreciated how science impacts in the real world.

It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the practical side of river management, including conservation, catchment management, identifying funding opportunities and communicating with different stakeholders. I really did learn a huge amount.”

Vicky is now working towards gaining a PhD and is studying with the British Antarctic survey team. Her eventual aim is to stay in the aquatic conservation field but working on a very practical level.

Dr Janina Gray, Head of Science at S&TC, says,

“Vicky is a fantastic example of why this Award is so important and offers such an amazing opportunity for young fisheries/aquatic students to gain unbeatable work experience.”


Who was Ann Voss-Bark?

Anne Voss-Bark was a dedicated conservationist and prominent hotelier. Her love of fly fishing made her aware of changes in the countryside detrimental to our rivers and fish. She worked tirelessly to see this demise reversed.

Anne was a strong supporter of the S&TC (then S&TA), the only UK fisheries campaigning charity. She was a Council Member, Vice Chairman and finally Vice President of the charity.

Anne, with others, also founded the West Country Rivers Trust, embracing the concept of total river management.

Anne will also always be well-remembered as the perfect hostess at the Arundell Arms in Lifton, Devon, which was rather run down on acquisition but developed by her over nearly 50 years into today’s eminent fishing and country sports hotel.


How can students apply for the Anne Voss-Bark Award 2018?

Wild fish and their habitats were of great importance to Anne, and we look for the same level of  passion in our applicants.

To apply, in no more than 500 words explain what this work experience opportunity means to you, why you should get this opportunity, and how it would benefit you.

The Closing date for applications is 31st July 2018.

To submit an entry or for further information on the Award, please contact Dr Janina Gray, Head of Science at S&TC by email on: