Dear Phil, Thank you so much!

What can we say other than a huge THANK YOU!!

Phil Chessum took on the challenge of running the Race to The King ultramarathon to raise money for S&TC. An exhausting 52.4 mile slog across the South Downs.

Completing the course in a very respectable 10 hours 26 minutes and finishing 71st out of 750 competitors, Phil's feet seemed to take the brunt of the effort.

Phil said:

"It was a bit gruelling - glad to get it over with. Feeling quite positive about it all at the moment - although having to work from home, as I can't get my shoes on!" 

Phil raised just short of £3,500 for S&TC and is still receiving donations.

The funds will be used to fund the benchmarking of a river of Phil's choice through our SmartRivers initiative, a lasting legacy worthy of such incredible efforts.

SmartRivers plays a crucial role in ensuring the longterm protection of wild waters by establishing a solid science led reference point of biodiversity, against which any future impacts can be measured and evidenced.

SmartRivers enables volunteers, supported by a training scheme, training videos, an invertebrate-identification App and support programmes, to monitor the water quality in their rivers to a near-professional standard.

Phil celebrated his achievement with a pint. And yes, his eldest son is correct. It was TWO full marathons!!

Well done Phil, and thank you so much. It's appreciated.

From all of us at Salmon & Trout Conservation

Reporting with a purpose

S&TC is a national organisation and we use evidence from local case studies to help instigate policy changes that will benefit UK wild fish populations. But, this is just part of the value - we are making all our Riverfly Census findings available so they can be used to inform local management and drive action.

Each individual river report is based on three years of surveying data. Where possible, we have linked up our findings with other existing literature and data. Using the available information we suggest where local fishing and/or conservation groups can focus their management efforts to achieve the best health outcomes for each of the 12 original Census rivers.

Some of our local reports can be found on the slider below. Alternatively, visit the Riverfly Census page and scroll down to the map.