Response to MOWI decision to close Loch Ewe salmon farm

Mowi (previously Marine Harvest) has announced that it is to close its highly contentious salmon farm in Loch Ewe, Wester Ross.

Andrew Graham-Stewart, Director of S&TC Scotland (S&TCS), said: 

“We welcome Mowi’s decision to close the Loch Ewe farm. There can be no doubt that the decision is a vindication of S&TCS’ long campaign to end salmon farming in this enclosed sea loch, which has devastated sea trout stocks in iconic Loch Maree, previously the best sea trout fishery in western Scotland. Our film, ‘Eaten Alive – End of an Era’ on the demise of the Loch Maree sea trout fishery was pivotal in this campaign. (

The other factor in Mowi’s decision is clearly the farm’s failure to reduce its benthic impact. As a consequence, SEPA has cut the farm’s permitted biomass very substantially, thus diminishing its commercial viability. 
Mowi has signalled its intention to move the biomass elsewhere. If Mowi wishes to apply for a biomass increase at another location, then that should be judged on its own merits. Indeed, it would be disingenuous to try and link it to the closure of Loch Ewe. Furthermore it is vital that any biomass increase elsewhere avoids migration routes for wild salmonids.

The closure of the Loch Ewe farm will give Loch Maree’s sea trout the opportunity, for the first time in three decades, to thrive and grow in Loch Ewe without being infested with parasitic sea lice originating from the Loch Ewe farm”. 

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