Don Catchment Rivers Trust wins Prix Charles Ritz Award 2019

Salmon & Trout Conservation and The International Fario Club are delighted to announce the Don Catchment Rivers Trust as recipients of the Prix Charles Ritz Award for England and Wales 2019

The Prix Charles Ritz award celebrates and rewards those who champion work to develop and improve rivers. Specifically, the award is granted to initiatives carried out for the preservation of our freshwater environment.

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Ed Shaw, DCRT Director said:

“Winning the Ritz Grand Prix has come as a big surprise to us. The Don is not a glamorous river, and we were keenly aware when the judges came to visit one damp grey November day that they would have an industrial and urban experience. However, the industry and the towns and cities of South Yorkshire are fundamental to the story of the Don, and what makes the return of salmon to our river all the more compelling, so perhaps that counted in our favour. 

We have a hard-working and dedicated team that has done a huge amount of work with local communities to get them involved with the river and to get people thinking positively about it. The recognition the prize represents means a lot to us; we couldn’t be more delighted.”

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The River Don flows through some of England’s most deprived communities.

Larinier fish passes built on Steelbank and Brightside Weirs.


Team of Living Heritage of the River Don volunteers after a river clean-up session.

The Dalton Brook, a tributary of the Don, before and after it had been cleaned up by Living Heritage of the River Don volunteers.


School children at a River Guardians session.

Two salmon found in the Don January 2019. The lefthand salmon was found dead. It had spawned, which usually results in the mortality of salmon. If it has reproduced successfully then its offspring will be the first generation of salmon to have been born in Sheffield for about 200 years.