Freshwater Biological Association – courses are back for 2022

The Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) is alive and well, and pleased to announce that training courses are back for 2022!

It has been announced that the FBA are restarting training courses at a new venue, on the banks of Windermere, from next spring (Covid restrictions allowing). The new venue is just a few miles south of their previous home near Far Sawrey on the west bank of Windermere.

The laboratory and conference facilities are now in the Hedley Building at the YMCA at Lakeside. At this new location there is ample parking and it keeps the FBA on the shores of Windermere, where it has always been. In addition, the FBA will also be able to offer affordable accommodation, on site, to those attending educational courses.


There are plans to run many freshwater based study courses but the first to be announced are:

Saturday April 28th 2022 - Introduction to adult Caddisflies.

The course tutor for this will be Stuart Crofts. This one day course is aimed at anyone who wishes to begin studying the adult stages of these fascinating insects. It will also be an introduction to the 2019 FBA publication; Caddisfly Adults of Britain and Ireland (Family level keys and introductory guide). During the course Stuart will take you through the main identification features used in the family level keys of the book and show you how the keys are used. It is very much a hands-on day and no prior experience is required.

Saturday May 14th 2022 - Entomology for Anglers Level

Saturday June 18th 2022 - Entomology for Anglers Level

Saturday October 15th 2022 - Entomology for Anglers Level 3

For these courses the tutors are Andrew Dixon and Stuart Crofts. These three, one day, courses are in a stepping stone format with each course building on the previous one. With this aim in mind everyone has to start at Level 1 before they can attend Level 2, it also follows that to attend Level 3 you must have previously attended Level 1 & 2. The whole purpose is to increase the fly-anglers understanding of entomology and how it dovetails into the practical side of fly-fishing. Of course you do not need to book all these courses in one go, some complete Level 1 and then return the following year to attend Level 2. For those who really get enthusiastic Level 3 then also awaits. These courses have become very popular have been running now for over ten years.

To keep all these courses as Covid secure as possible the participant numbers are going to be limited to twelve per day.

Consequently, with regard to all these courses, the Sundays following the Saturday dates will also be made available for extra participants should they be required. For more details contact the FBA direct at

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