what have we achieved for wild fish?

Our research, campaigning and commitment to action has achieved many successes for wild fish - all enabled by the wonderful support of our generous donors and members.

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Since our inception in 1903, we have together achieved some wonderful milestones for salmon, trout and the waters they depend on!

More recently, our biggest achievements since becoming a charity in 2008 can be explored below...


Closure of the Scottish coastal mixed stock net fisheries

Our campaigning played a pivotal role in getting these nets closed for good, to protect wild salmon and sea trout.

Scottish Inquiries into salmon farming

Our formal petition to the Scottish Parliament in 2016 triggered a full-blown Parliamentary Inquiry into the salmon farming industry in 2018, conducted by two committees, highlighting the impact on wild salmon and sea trout.

New benchmarks for river health

Our national Riverfly Census developed unique, bespoke water insect targets for chalkstreams and new phosphorus discharge limits, in collaboration with the Environment Agency.

Legal successes against foresty operations in Wales

Successful legal challenges in Wales to minimise the impacts of acidification and harmful chemicals from forestry operations on salmon and sea trout nursery streams.

We helped ban the use of cypermethrin, a chemical incredibly damaging to waterways and wild fish

Following its prohibition in 2010 as a sheep dip, the use of cypermethrin was confined to forestry and horticulture. S&TC helped bring its use to a complete end in 2017.

Blocking acidic conifer plantations near important wild fish rivers

We successfully blocked a conifer plantation at Bryn Brawd after a lengthy battle - meaning that acid-producing forestry beside salmonid headwaters was avoided.

Compulsory catch & release, and an end to drift nets

Our political lobbying led to the Fisheries Minister announcing a closure of the NE English drift net fishery, together with the compulsory release of all salmon caught in coastal T&J nets.

New phosphorous standards

New standards have been set for watercress and trout farm outlets as a result of our daily monitoring on the River Itchen, meaning less chemicals in the water for salmon and trout.

But this is just the start!

We strive to influence more positive change in the water world....

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