Protecting wild fish since 1903

Established in 1903, we have over 115 years experience campaigning for, and successfully protecting, wild fish and the waters which support them

The issues on which we campaign have evolved since our pioneer days combatting the Industrial Revolution; but our expertise, passion, commitment and influence remain steadfast and celebrated.

Established in 1903 as the Salmon & Trout Association in response to the disastrous pollution impact of the Industrial Revolution on wild fish and their waters.

Between 1903 and 2008, S&TA worked hard to successfully protect salmon and trout. Memberships grew, and the Association held enormous influence across the country.

In 2008, S&TA re-branded and received charitable status, becoming Salmon & Trout Conservation. Today we are a science-led campaigning conservation charity.

S&TC History

We were established as the Salmon & Trout Association in 1903, largely in response to environmental pressures caused by the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution had a disastrous impact on our waterways and wildlife, resulting in heavily polluted waters for salmon and trout. The products of the industrial revolution, pouring into our rivers and streams, led a small group of men to meet in Fishmongers’ Hall, to resolve that,

in view of the decadence of many salmon rivers, an Association be formed called the Salmon and Trout Association, the principal objects of which shall be to improve the Salmon and Trout Fisheries of the United Kingdom….”

One of the first major reports made by the Association, in 1904, regarded the Royal Commission on Sewage Disposal. 

At this time, trout and salmon angling was the sport of the privileged few, large sections of the population were disenfranchised, and social deprivation was widespread.

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Historically, the association was for many years primarily concerned with influencing Government on the issues of the day which affected game fish.

It was not until the formation of the National Rivers Authority in 1991, which created a powerful independent regulator for the water industry, that the hard work and persistence of many of our members was finally rewarded.

When the Environment Agency (EA) was created in 1996 the Association played a leading role in proposing additional amendments to the Bill with the aim of further safeguarding our rivers and streams.

As time progressed, it became increasingly necessary to acknowledge the growing importance of biodiversity and conservation issues. As such, we re-branded, re-structured, and reformed as a conservation charity; ready to face the many challenges the modern, growing, world presents to wild fish and their waters.

Times have changed greatly since our inception, and, with it, the strategy we must use to protect wild fish and their habitats.

Receiving charitable status in 2008, we became Salmon & Trout Conservation (S&TC), which has allowed us to specialise as a science based, campaign-led, lobbying charity.

Our strategies and tactics may have changed, but our vision, expertise, passion, commitment and influence remain steadfast and celebrated.

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For over 115 years we have been a voice for protection of the UK’s watery places, and we will continue long into the future.

We rely on your support to protect wild fish and the places they live.

By donating or joining as a member you will be making a huge contribution to the fight to protect the UK's waters and ensure a sustainable future for wild fish.

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