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Chairman & Patron

We are proud to have a long history of royal endorsement, a hallmark of our well-respected heritage and a valued endorsement of our important work conserving salmon & trout


Mr William Hicks QC

S&TC Chairman


HRH The Prince of Wales

S&TC Patron



Our Vice Presidents are champions for our work who share our aims and will add their own unique influence to our campaigning.

While it’s an honour to be appointed vice president of an organisation I’ve supported for nigh-on two decades I’m under no illusions. I take on this role at a critical time for our magnificent but oh-so-vulnerable salmonids and the waters they inhabit. 

The sudden and seismic changes that we see in our political and environmental landscapes are like discovering a river for the first time but in full spate;  you have to wait a while before its true path becomes clear. 

Well make no mistake, we are already wader-deep into that river and it’s still very muddied. We have yet to see what government assurances on the environment, now no longer under EU scrutiny, will amount to and of course there’s a good chance the river looks dirty because of sewage. 

Looking out to sea, while there’s been much to celebrate on issues like netting, poorly-positioned salmon farms remain a major concern as we try to understand why wild salmon and sea trout numbers have crashed 70% in two decades. Above all else salmon, trout and grayling depend upon a clean environment for survival. Along with my colleagues at Salmon and Trout Conservation UK I’m determined to make sure they get it.
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S&TC Staff

Meet the S&TC staff working behind the scenes to deliver the protection our wild fish and water environments deserve



Nick Measham

I'm S&TC's Chief Executive. I lead our dedicated team in providing the evidence to influence Governments and their agencies to protect wild fish and their waters. It is my job to make sure we have the will and the wherewithal to get things done.


Dr Janina Gray

I’m Deputy CEO. My passion is to protect and restore our water environments and their wildlife for everyone to enjoy. I provide evidence to policy makers to drive actions that ensure this happens.


Andrew Graham-Stewart

I am the Director of S&TC Scotland, the only campaigning organisation for wild fish in Scotland, since 2012. My primary focus is counteracting the serious and damaging impacts of salmon farming.

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Immy O'Keeffe

I am S&TC’s Development Manager. I test, develop and manage opportunities for growth and deliver communication and fundraising strategy to support these developments.


Lauren Harley

I manage our SmartRivers project, using citizen-science to generate data with policy relevance that can drive real improvements to the quality of water flowing through our rivers.


Kim Sargeant

I look after the membership and daily operational administration for S&TC. Please do contact me with any membership queries.

Photo - Business

Ursula Lewis

I manage the events programme at S&TC and support fundraising initiatives to help ensure we raise the money needed to continue our great work!


Richard Garner Williams

Fi yw’r Swyddog Cenedlaethol dros Gymru. I’m the National Officer for Wales. I engage with Welsh Government, regulators and other stakeholders alike to champion the cause of the wild fish of Wales.


Tanglewest Douglas

I’m a campaigns researcher for S&TC. I work to make sure our campaigns are informed by the latest scientific evidence and wider developments

Photo: ©JamesOverington

James Overington

I am S&TC’s Water Policy Officer. I support Janina in gathering evidence to engage with policy makers, as well as reviewing legislation in its capacity to provide adequate protection to our freshwater environments.


John Hickey

I am the Fisheries Policy Adviser for S&TC working on the EU Funded SAMARCH Project.

My role is to take the new scientific understanding and evidence gained on the migratory behaviour of salmon and sea trout from around the Channel area; to help inform, improve and develop new policies for the management and protection of salmonids in our estuaries and coastal waters.


Debbie Creasy

After over 30 years with S&TC, I have retired from my role as Membership and Administration Manager, handing over to the very capable hands of Kim.  I'll continue to work, very much on a part time basis, on Accounts Administration so will still be around in the background!


Paul Knight

I advise Nick and the policy team on fisheries issues, with a particular focus on international salmon conservation as Co-chair of the NGOs at the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO).

Trustees & Leadership

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