we are the voice for wild fish in welsh waters

S&TC Cymru work to secure the protection that our beautiful Welsh water environments deserve. Some of our key achievements include:

Collaborating with other NGO's through Wales Environment Link

Preventing forestry which is damaging to spawning streams

Protecting Welsh rivers via our Riverfly Census monitoring

Preventing sheep dip chemicals lethal to river life

Contributing to the restoration of endangered European eels


Riverfly Census

A benchmark for river life


Water insects are the foundation for life in our rivers and streams.

We are unlocking their potential as indicators of river health to help understand what’s really happening under the surface and better protect our fish and water life.

Our first Welsh samples have been taken in three well-known rivers; keep watch to see how their story unfolds!


Keeping land issues out of water

21a Acid producing conifers planted beside a Welsh spawning stream, one of the issues covered in 'Valuing our Freshwaters' (2)

Activities on land cannot be considered in isolation of the water environment and forestry is no exception to this.

In Wales, non-native conifer forestry next to rivers is a common occurrence, causing numerous issues.

Explore how we have worked to give our watery places and wild fish relief from the effects of poorly operated forestry

Living Rivers

Reviving our watery places


Rivers are more than just water - they are homes for wildlife.

Poor farming practices are a big problem for Welsh waters, but with your help we can create a sustainable water environment.

We are influencing post CAP agricultural grants and subsidies so they are paid as rewards for protecting the environment, particularly in Welsh river systems.


World Fish migration day

Welsh charities join forces for World Fish Migration Day

16 Apr 2018
  World Fish Migration Day This Saturday we will be helping to celebrate the third World Fish Migration day. There will be a number of fascinating events and activities in Wales for people to enjoy and learn more about the life-cycle of migratory fish species. This global initiative aims to […] Read More

Pinpointing Pesticides – Our national survey now uses water insects to solve chemical puzzle

27 Mar 2018
We are pleased to announce that pesticide fingerprints can now be detected using the Riverfly Census’ analytical tool kit… a massive breakthrough in monitoring water quality for neonicotinoids and other insect killing chemicals Read More
rivers in wales

Have your say on rivers in Wales

08 Mar 2018
  Rivers in Wales: have your say Many of the rivers in Wales are facing a range of ecological threats which threaten to render them unfit for the wild fish and other aquatic wildlife that depend on clean freshwaters to survive. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural spring […] Read More
alresford salads

Alresford Salads threaten a struggling English chalkstream

19 Feb 2018
Currently many of our rivers across the UK are impacted by a variety of undesirable inputs.  Influencing the future health of these important waterways is one of our key objectives. We continue to be extremely concerned about a worrying example of pollution by Alresford Salads on the Upper Itchen in […] Read More
chlorinated chemicals

Chlorinated chemicals in our areas of conservation? Just say no!

29 Jan 2018
Chlorinated Chemicals One of our main objectives is to influence the clean-up of rivers across the UK, where many waterways are impacted by a variety of undesirable inputs. We use local issues to bring attention to problems at national level, and one such case is very topical on the Upper Itchen […] Read More
Sea Trout: Science & Management

Sea Trout Science and Management

22 Jan 2018
Sea Trout Science and Management is a book containing the proceedings of the 2nd International Sea Trout Symposium, held in Ireland in 2016. The Proceedings are edited by Graeme Harris, an eminent authority on sea trout and long-term member and scientific adviser to S&TC. S&TC was one of the Symposium’s […] Read More
mayfly research

Mayfly research emphasises serious need for river regulation re-think

12 Jan 2018
For the first time a new research study, co-authored and financed by S&TC and published in the science journal Environmental Pollution, shows how even modest levels of sediment and phosphate are threatening the very life-blood in our rivers and streams. This research matters as our Riverfly Census shows rivers are suffering from […] Read More

The power of bugs – Designing measures to properly capture the health of our rivers

10 Nov 2017
Wednesday 8th November was a very exciting day, as entomology experts from around the UK came to our workshop to discuss the potential for biometric measures (environmental ‘scores’ calculated from water insect samples) to extend evaluation of our watery places beyond the broader, less specific brush of the Water Framework […] Read More

Success from the S&TC auction – funding a better future for wild fish and where they live

24 Oct 2017
We are delighted to report that our recent online, live and silent auctions, which culminated in a spectacular dinner at Fishmongers Hall in London, raised an unprecedented £120,000! The three separate auctions offered many truly remarkable and rare opportunities to bid for exclusive fishing opportunities, stunning works of art, fishing […] Read More

S&TC auction offers lots from fishing to feasting that money can’t buy

31 Aug 2017
Keen cricketing fans will be rushing to bid in Salmon & Trout Conservation’s annual auction for a rare chance to fish and then enjoy lunch on the glorious River Itchen in the esteemed company of the one and only voice of cricket; Henry Calthorpe Blofeld or ‘Blowers’ as he is […] Read More

Norfolk chalkstream still under threat from pollution

16 Aug 2017
We have just completed the second year of our unique three-year national Riverfly Census. The census aims to assess the health of our English and Welsh rivers through monitoring water insects that live below the surface. This important research has revealed that nationally no significant improvement in the condition of […] Read More
invasive species

Aliens in the app! Our invasive species series

03 Aug 2017
For all you app owners here’s a preview of the new update, available now! Read More


S&TC Cymru is an active part of Wales Environment Link (WEL). This is the official link between environmental charities like us and the Welsh Government. As well as lobbying independently we also work together with WEL to make a difference to our water environments.

We were a lead author of WEL’s publication: Valuing our Freshwaters. This contains the requirements for a healthy water environment in Wales.

We rely on your support to protect wild fish and the places they live.

By donating or joining as a member you will be making a huge contribution to the fight to protect the UK's waters and ensure a sustainable future for wild fish.

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