News 2012


Launch of UK Crayfish website

02 February 2012
The UK Crayfish website, brings together up to date information about the UK’s only native crayfish, the White-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobuis pallipes) and its conservation. Also provided is a range of information about non-native crayfish species, their impacts and control. The website contains both professional and public channels to ensure that a wide variety of information is available on all aspects and issues relating to crayfish, regardless of what you know or what you want to know about crayfish, there will be something to interest you. The professional channel contains a White-clawed crayfish conservation toolkit, it provides information on crayfish […]

Water White Paper: Minister Promises Real And Effective Action To Protect Environment

02 February 2012
Presentations for the S&TA and GWCT at local and national level underscore commitment for change With the imminent publication of the Water Bill – scheduled for April – the Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) has made two presentations to the Defra Fisheries Minister, Richard Benyon, in the past week; once at the S&TA Wessex Branch meeting and the other in the House of Commons as guests of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust’s All party Parliamentary Group (APPG). On both occasions, Paul Knight, S&TA CEO, pressed for action, rather than just words, emphasizing what critical state the “perfect storm” combination […]

“Sustainable Salmon Aquaculture” Standards Published: An Important Step Forward But Still Not Enough To Protect Wild Salmon

10 February 2012
Salmon & Trout Association welcomes publication but voices concerns with efficacy of standards proposed After seven years’ engagement with stakeholders from around the world – including NGOs and the salmon aquaculture (fish farming) industry – the final draft Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue (SAD) has now been published. This, under the leadership of the WWF, forms the basis of a recognised accreditation scheme for farms claiming to follow sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices. The final standard has 7 principle themes of which to measure sustainable salmon aquaculture, including indicators to manage disease and parasites in wild fish, protect the health and genetic integrity of […]

iBookfishing – Now Live and Taking Orders!

30 March 2012
MacNab Media, have launched a new fishing booking system designed specifically for fisheries, charter boats, guides, lodge owners and agents seeking to sell and manage their rods, boats and accommodation. iBookfishing is an incredibly flexible system which can show availability and take bookings on any website and in many different languages too. It can cater for complex pricing schemes which have been the stumbling block for many fisheries – up till now. It tracks all bookings and can send permits, rules and directions by both email and text message automatically. The system can be integrated completely within a clients website […]


23 April 2012
Salmon & Trout Association joins forces with local fisheries interests to press for withdrawal of hydropower generation at Shears Mill to protect iconic river’s salmon population. Eastleigh Borough Council has withdrawn its application to establish a low head hydropower generation scheme at Shears Mill on Hampshire’s iconic River Itchen. The Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) joined local fisheries interests, including the Itchen Salmon Group and the Hampshire Salmon Trust, to object to the scheme on the grounds that it could seriously impact vital spawning and juvenile habitat for the river’s Atlantic salmon population, a designated species under the EU Habitats […]

Salmon & Trout Association exposes sea-bed pollution of Scottish sea-lochs

23 April 2012
Report analysing FOI material reveals worrying results of sea-bed monitoring near Scottish salmon farms and calls into serious question salmon farmers’ claims that ‘aquaculture offences are uncommon’ and that ‘the aquaculture industry has no history of regulatory non-compliance’ The Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) has today published a report into official data on sea-lice treatment chemical residues in Scottish sea lochs associated with Scottish salmon farms. The report, based on information obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), shows that, contrary to repeated assurances by the fish-farming industry, there are serious concerns over: • […]


20 May 2012
S&TA members – please help! Lucy Anderson is an ecology PhD student at the University of Leeds. As part of her research she’s investigating the impacts of aquatic invasive non-native species in the UK – and needs your help to complete her research. She writes: "Animals such as North American signal crayfish, zebra mussels and killer shrimp and plants such as floating pennywort are spreading through our waterways having been introduced from other countries. Species such as these can cause serious damage to river banks and water pipes and are responsible for dramatic declines of our native flora and fauna. […]


30 May 2012
The Angling Trust and the Salmon & Trout Association have written to the Director General of the National Farmers Union (NFU) demanding a retraction of the NFU’s false claims in its “Farming Delivers for Britain” campaign that 73% of rivers are in good condition and that agriculture is responsible for reductions in gross pollution since the 1990s. In reality most of the improvements to river water quality have been achieved through investment in sewage treatment and that agriculture remains a very significant and widespread source of pollution in rivers and lakes. Indeed, as the National Audit Office pointed out in […]

EA sets up camp on fence between protecting river wildlife and hydropower

31 May 2012
Following a year-long consultation with angling and fisheries interests and the hydropower industry about new good practice guidelines for hydropower developments, the Environment Agency Board has decided to launch yet another consultation into the volume of water which the industry is permitted to take out of rivers. Angling bodies and fisheries conservation charities reacted with despair, as the guidelines which are currently being applied allow far too much water to be diverted into turbines, leaving many stretches of river suffering from low flows which have major impacts on fish, invertebrates and the whole river food chain. Damaging developments continue to […]

Demand for Scottish Government to curb coastal salmon netting in line with international obligations

01 June 2012
“Scotland is the only country in the northern hemisphere where coastal salmon netting is actually increasing in intensity.” The Salmon and Trout Association Scotland (S&TA Scotland) is urging the Scottish Government to take action on coastal salmon netting, particularly the current increase in netting effort, on a precautionary basis in order to ensure compliance with international responsibilities and to protect employment within our rivers. The call comes on the eve of the 28th Annual Meeting of the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO) in Edinburgh next week at which all countries with runs of wild Atlantic salmon will be represented. […]

Sea-lice parasite numbers above industry’s own ‘threshold’ level at over 30% of Scottish salmon farms inspected in second half of 2011

13 June 2012
FOI information starkly contradicts salmon farming industry’s bland assurances The Salmon and Trout Association (S&TA) has today published yet more worrying evidence of widespread failure to control sea lice in the Scottish salmon-farming industry. An analysis by S&TA of the inspections conducted by the Scottish Government’s Fish Health Inspectorate of marine salmon farms in Scotland between June and December last year (2011), obtained under freedom of information, shows: – of the marine farms inspected over 30% were breaching the industry’s own CoGP[1] sea-lice standards during the period for which sea-lice records were inspected; and – either resistance to, of lack […]


03 July 2012
The trustees of the Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) are delighted to announce the appointment of Richard (Dick) Bronks as the charity’s new Chairman. He follows James Carr, who has now stood down after six years in the Chair. Mr Bronks retired from the banking industry, where he spent the majority of his business career, in 2007. In the latter part of his career he co-managed Goldman Sachs’s Global Commodity Business as well as responsibility for Goldman’s European Emerging Markets Businesses (dealing in Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa). He has been a trustee of the S&TA since […]


29 August 2012
A consortium consisting of the Environment Agency, University of Bristol, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (BRC) and the Non Native Species Secretariat has just launched a new version of an app to help tackle invasive plants in the UK. Called PlantTracker the app is available for iPhones and Android smartphones and features 14 priority invasive plant species. The app features text and photographic guides of both the target species and those with which they may be confused, to aid identification. September will be a key month for recording many of these species as they’ll be at their most obvious – […]

Seabed pollution at almost two thirds of Scottish salmon farms is either ‘unsatisfactory’ or ‘borderline’, analysis of FOI information reveals

05 September 2012
The Salmon and Trout Association (S&TA) has today published a comprehensive analysis of reports obtained from SEPA under FOI, establishing that levels of seabed pollution at almost two thirds of Scottish marine salmon farms are either ‘unsatisfactory’ or ‘borderline’, according to SEPA’s own categorisation. The study reviewed 311 reports of seabed self-monitoring by farms between 2009 and March 2012. Of these 137 (44%) were deemed by SEPA to be “unsatisfactory” (“beyond the assimilative capacity of the local environment”), 64 (21%) were “borderline” (“close to having an unsustainable impact”) and only 106 (34%) were “satisfactory”. Hughie Campbell-Adamson, Chairman of S&TA Scotland, […]


26 September 2012
Complaint by Salmon & Trout Association highlights lack of delivery and years of prevarication in failure to comply with the Habitats Directive on River Avon SAC The Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) has today (27th September) submitted to the European Commission a formal legal complaint against the United Kingdom for its failure to protect English chalkstreams, particularly the Hampshire Avon, as it is required to do under the EU Habitats Directive. As the UK hosts almost all the chalkstreams of Europe, it has a particular responsibility to ensure their protection and conservation. However, of 161 chalk rivers and streams across […]

Invasive Shrimp found in West Midlands

05 October 2012
The shrimp, Dikerogammarus haemobaphes, which is a relative of the ‘killer shrimp’, has been found on the River Severn at Tewkesbury and Bevere near Worcester. It has also been found on two canals in Worcestershire. This is the first time this non-native shrimp, which has been shown to be invasive on mainland Europe, has been found in this country. The shrimp was found after samples were taken from the River Severn by APEM for Severn Trent Water. Experts were then able to conclusively identify the species as Dikerogammarus haemobaphes. Shortly after, other populations were discovered on the Staffordshire and Worcestershire […]

NGOs meet with Peter Hain to raise concerns about Severn Barrage

18 October 2012
A group of environmental and angling Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) met today with Peter Hain MP to raise their concerns about the impact of a tidal power barrage which he is championing for the Severn Estuary. The Severn Estuary is one of the largest estuaries in Europe and is of international importance for its wildlife and is a unique landscape. Its saltmarshes and mudflats are used by 69,000 birds each winter, its waters support over 100 fish species and vast numbers of invertebrates, and the estuary is a vital migration route for fish including salmon and eels. In 2010 a Government […]


05 November 2012
The risk of flooding and water shortage in 2013 has increased because the Government is too slow in changing the way we manage our water, environmental leaders warn. The authors of the ‘Blueprint for Water’ report say that after two dry winters, it took Britain’s wettest ever summer to narrowly avert a serious drought. They warn that despite this summer’s flooding, another series of dry winters would put Britain right back under serious risk of drought. The group of 16 leading environmental organisations has published a scorecard which measures the Government’s performance against the 10 steps to sustainable water by […]


28 November 2012
Salmon & Trout Association and Carmarthenshire Rivers Trust express relief as threat of acidification of Tywi headwaters recedes The Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) and the Carmarthenshire Rivers Trust (CRT) are delighted with the withdrawal of the Bryn Brawd forestry proposals. These threatened the headwaters of the Tywi with further acidification because of the proposed coniferous plantation scheme put forward to the Forestry Commission Wales. Gethyn Thomas, chairman of the CRT, said: “This means that the work we have been doing to put right the historic acidification of the Tywi headwaters will not now be wasted. We sincerely hope that […]


06 December 2012
The Atlantic Salmon Trust is joining with the EU-funded research and training project IBIS to invite leading speakers to discuss all aspects of salmon stocking at a major conference. For further details of the programme & booking arrangements please click here


07 December 2012
The Lords Defra Minister Lord de Mauley is heading to Hampshire on December 10th to address a special summit called to discuss the plight of English Chalkstreams. Of these unique rivers, 85% are situated in England and most of these are here in the South with the most famous being the Test, Itchen and Avon in Hampshire – rivers that were once considered to offer the finest trout fishing in the world. Chalkstreams are internationally significant habitats which have been under extreme pressure from diffuse pollution and over abstraction for many years. Anglers, conservationists and river keepers are only too […]


12 December 2012
Over 100 of the top figures in English fly-fishing packed into a special summit called to discuss the plight of our chalkstreams at the Grosvenor Hotel in Stockbridge this week. Of these unique rivers, 85% are situated in England and most of these are in the South with the most famous being the Test, Itchen and Avon in Hampshire – rivers that were once considered to offer the finest trout fishing in the world. Chalkstreams are internationally significant habitats which are under extreme pressure from diffuse pollution, over abstraction and habitat damage. Many came close to an environmental disaster during […]


21 December 2012
The Atlantic Salmon Trust (AST) and the Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) have welcomed the Government’s decision to close the salmon drift net fishery off the coasts of Northumbria and Yorkshire in 2022, 30 years after the phasing out of this fishery started. Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon has confirmed, with one change, the North East Coast Net Limitation Order put forward by the Environment Agency. This: Continues the phase out of the salmon drift net fishery started in 1992; Extends the phase out to T and J beach nets, after conclusive evidence that these are mixed stock fisheries. The Minister […]


21 December 2012
The Environment Agency has come in for severe criticism this week for failing to uphold its duties to ‘to maintain, improve and develop fisheries’ and to ‘consider and give due weight to fisheries’ when granting impoundment licences associated with hydropower schemes. The Angling Trust and fisheries conservation charities have joined forces to write a strongly-worded letter to Paul Leinster, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency highlighting his organisation’s shambolic regulation of hydropower and demanding immediate action. The recent successful action by Fish Legal on behalf of the Pride of Derby Angling Club at Sawley weir to halt the damaging hydropower […]