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Impacts of salmon lice emanating from salmon farms on wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout

10 January 2018
Systematic Government failure to heed warnings regarding the consequences of intensive salmon farming

Mayfly research emphasises serious need for river regulation re-think

12 January 2018
For the first time a new research study, co-authored and financed by S&TC and published in the science journal Environmental Pollution, shows how even modest levels of sediment and phosphate are threatening the very life-blood in our rivers and streams. This research matters as our Riverfly Census shows rivers are suffering from phosphate and sediment. Phosphate is the single largest cause of water bodies not achieving ‘good ecological status’ in the UK under the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) and 83% of our rivers are failing to meet this standard.  According to the Environment Agency, phosphorus concentrations have increased in many regions, often […]

Sea Trout Science and Management

22 January 2018
Sea Trout Science and Management is a book containing the proceedings of the 2nd International Sea Trout Symposium, held in Ireland in 2016. The Proceedings are edited by Graeme Harris, an eminent authority on sea trout and long-term member and scientific adviser to S&TC. S&TC was one of the Symposium’s sponsors and these proceedings prove what an excellent insight was given by specialists across many fields into sea trout science and management – as well as what we know and what gaps are still there in our knowledge. The Symposium provided several challenges to sea trout scientists and managers, as […]

Chlorinated chemicals in our areas of conservation? Just say no!

29 January 2018
Chlorinated Chemicals One of our main objectives is to influence the clean-up of rivers across the UK, where many waterways are impacted by a variety of undesirable inputs. We use local issues to bring attention to problems at national level, and one such case is very topical on the Upper Itchen right now. Alresford Salads, who process and package watercress and other salads into bags for supermarkets, has applied for a new licence to discharge chemicals directly into the river.  In the past, they have used chlorine to wash salads, and still use chlorine-based chemicals to clean down the processing plant […]

Will the Environment Agency’s proposals to protect wild salmon work?

02 February 2018
Can the EA Protect Wild Salmon? We warmly receive the Environment Agency’s proposed new measures to protect wild salmon stocks, but we emphasise that they need to be implemented rapidly to save this threatened species. The 2015 national salmon stock assessment indicated that wild salmon stocks in many rivers across England had failed to meet their minimum conservation targets. Further monitoring since then has shown that this trend has continued downwards. Paul Knight, our CEO says: “We are delighted that the campaigning and responses of S&TC and other organisations to the Environment Agency’s consultation on salmon stocks has resulted in […]

Alresford Salads threaten a struggling English chalkstream

19 February 2018
Currently many of our rivers across the UK are impacted by a variety of undesirable inputs.  Influencing the future health of these important waterways is one of our key objectives. We continue to be extremely concerned about a worrying example of pollution by Alresford Salads on the Upper Itchen in Hampshire. Alresford Salads, who process and package watercress and other salads into bags for supermarkets have applied for a change to its license to discharge chemicals directly into the river.  In the past, they have used chlorine to wash salads, and still use chlorine-based chemicals to clean down the processing […]

Applauding the Environment Committee report into environmental impacts of salmon farming

06 March 2018
Systematic Government failure to heed warnings regarding the consequences of intensive salmon farming

Have your say on rivers in Wales

08 March 2018
  Rivers in Wales: have your say Many of the rivers in Wales are facing a range of ecological threats which threaten to render them unfit for the wild fish and other aquatic wildlife that depend on clean freshwaters to survive. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural spring seminar, we have decided to provide another opportunity for stakeholders from all sides of the debate to share their views and help drive forward the changes required to protect these precious freshwater environments. This year’s seminar will be held at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells on Tuesday, April […]

Salmon Farming Update – The Power of Mass Media

26 March 2018
Salmon Farming Update: Inquiry progress from our Scottish Director… As someone who has done PR to a greater and lesser extent for wild fisheries interests for almost two decades, I am invariably pleased, when asked, to spend time explaining the issues to journalists. This approach often pays dividends as it maximises the chances of a story being informed and accurate from a wild fisheries perspective. In February 2017 I received a call out of the blue from a freelance journalist called Joe Crowley, seeking information on the issue of the impact of sea lice from salmon farming on wild fish. […]

Pinpointing Pesticides – Our national survey now uses water insects to solve chemical puzzle

27 March 2018
We are pleased to announce that pesticide fingerprints can now be detected using the Riverfly Census’ analytical tool kit… a massive breakthrough in monitoring water quality for neonicotinoids and other insect killing chemicals

Welsh charities join forces for World Fish Migration Day

16 April 2018
  World Fish Migration Day This Saturday we will be helping to celebrate the third World Fish Migration day. There will be a number of fascinating events and activities in Wales for people to enjoy and learn more about the life-cycle of migratory fish species. This global initiative aims to highlight the importance of conserving migratory fish species and aquatic ecosystem. Approximately 50 countries will celebrate this inspiring day and more than 2,000 organisations are participating in the occasion, holding over 400 events ranging from dam removals and river clean-up activities to educational seminars and fishing events. All around the world, […]

Demand for immediate moratorium on salmon farm expansion

26 April 2018
Salmon Farming Moratorium Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TC Scotland) is today leading a call for an immediate moratorium on any new open cage marine salmon farms in Scotland or any expansion of existing sites. The call is supported by a wide cross section of 27 environmental NGOs and other bodies, demanding that: Until the current failings in the regulation of the salmon farming industry and the environmental problems the industry causes, as identified by the Scottish Parliament’s Environment Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee, are resolved, there must be an immediate moratorium on any new marine open cage […]

SSPO ignores many requirements set out by Parliamentary Committee

03 May 2018
Salmon farming industry’s selective release of individual farm sea lice data falls far short of what is required Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TC Scotland) is dismayed that this week’s publication by the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) of sea lice data for January, on an individual farm basis (see, falls far short of what the Environment Climate Change and Land Reform Committee’s Report in March, on the Environmental Impacts of Salmon Farming, demanded.   The ECCLR Committee’s Report* stated clearly what was required from the industry (at para 58): “The Committee believes the efforts of the industry have […]

Salmon & Trout Conservation has a new HQ and welcomes new staff

16 May 2018
Salmon & Trout Conservation has a new HQ S&TC are celebrating a new chapter in their esteemed history this month, ushering in a bright future with the addition of two new team members, all while settling into a new dedicated head office. S&TC recently moved into their first dedicated HQ, located in the beautiful village of Burcombe near Salisbury. Despite a long and prosperous history of 115 years, this is the first time that S&TC has their own official home. Nestled in rural Wiltshire, with the banks of the picturesque Nadder a mere stone’s throw away, the new office provides the prefect setting with which […]

New study confirms impact of sea lice on sea trout

25 May 2018
  Impact of sea lice on sea trout A noteworthy scientific paper which confirms impact of sea lice on sea trout has just been published in the prestigious Journal of Fish Biology, entitled “The influence of aquaculture unit proximity on the pattern of Lepeophtheirus salmonis  [SEA LICE] infection of anadromous Salmo trutta [SEA TROUT] populations on the Isle of Skye, Scotland”. The lead author is Isabel Moore from the Skye and Wester Ross Fisheries Trust. Her co-authors include Professor Colin Bean (University of Glasgow and Scottish Natural Heritage) and Professor Colin Adams (University of Glasgow) and Dr Matthew Newton (University of Glasgow and Atlantic […]

Riverfly Census continues in Wales

29 May 2018
The Riverfly Census in Wales Through our S&TC Riverfly Census, a three-year survey using species-level invertebrate analysis, we are currently analysing results from the 12 rivers that kicked the survey off in 2015. We continue to unlock the power of water insects and diagnose the health of rivers nationally- and this is not just limited to England. The Census method was so well received that in 2016 three Welsh rivers were added to the initial 12 English rivers: the Usk, Clwyd and Eastern Cleddau. This year we are collecting the final samples to complete the three year picture. We will […]

Wales Update: Agricultural Pollution, Wales Link & Species Champs

30 May 2018
Welsh Agricultural Pollution We have been involved in tackling agricultural pollution with a number of different organisations. One of our tools has been a  joint letter to Lesley Griffiths, Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs. The letter highlighted the chronic and pervasive issue of agricultural pollution in Wales, signed by a number of organisations including Wildlife Trusts Wales, WWF Cymru, RSPB Cymru, Afonydd Cyrmu, Salmon and Trout Conservation Cymru and Butterfly Conservation Cymru. We subsequently met with Ms Griffiths to further express our concerns on the 23rd of April, taking the opportunity to discuss appropriate measures, including regulation, […]

NASF &ASF sign 12-year salmon agreement with Greenland fishermen

30 May 2018
NASF & ASF Agreement The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) and the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) have signed new agreements with commercial fishermen in Greenland and the Faroe Islands that will protect thousands of adult wild Atlantic salmon from commercial nets and longlines, allowing them to return to North American and European rivers. We welcome the NASF & ASF agreement with open arms, especially the deal to buy-out the commercial quota at Greenland,  and look forward to seeing its effect on the wild fish we work hard to protect. As Paul Knight, our CEO, says: “This is an excellent deal to […]

Our View: Post-Brexit Green Watchdog is not good enough

01 June 2018
Alas, it seems as though our fears for environmental regulation once we lave the EU – based on a post Brexit Green Watchdog – are being realised.   The much-heralded independent statutory environmental body to take the place of the EU’s DG Environment when we leave Europe will not have any real power, even though The Secretary of State, Michael Gove, promised it would.     No legal teeth To be fair, he probably does want an overriding environmental keeper with the teeth necessary to hold the Government to account, but it seems as though the Treasury has, as usual, had the […]

Riverfly Census: Whitewater Sampling

05 June 2018
Whitewater River Although 2017 was the last year for the 12 Riverfly Census core rivers, we continue to work our way through the rivers added later on (as well as assess and write up the data so far). One such river (Whitewater, a tributary of the Blackwater River) recently led us to work closely with the Whitewater Valley Preservation Society, as we took to various sites throughout Hampshire for some sampling. Below: Our scientist Lauren takes a peek at some river vegetation Below: A section of the Whitewater, near Basingstoke Below: Bridge over part of the Whitewater in a small […]

S&TC Cymru: Snapshot survey of the River Tywi (Towy)

18 June 2018
  S&TC Cymru has reacted to growing concerns surrounding the prolific algal growth witnessed on the Tywi over recent weeks by conducting a snapshot survey of the most affected part of the river. Conditions at the time of the visit (11th of June 2018) reflected a prolonged absence of rain coupled with long days of largely uninterrupted sunlight. This had resulted in reduced, but not unseasonably low, water levels. Algal growth in backwaters and shallows is not untypical under such conditions, but the extent of the observed examples immediately suggested the river to be carrying elevated levels of nutrients: As […]

River Avon: Riverfly Census Results

28 June 2018
River Avon Riverfly Census The results are in from our ground-breaking Riverfly Census campaign for the River Avon. View the results below and read more about what we found, why it is important, and what we are doing next! view our Fact Sheet Read our Report view our Data pack What is the River Avon Riverfly Census campaign about? Our campaign is to reverse the decline in water quality in the Avon. Water quality (or the lack of it) determines the ability of a river to support life. Our Riverfly Census along the River Avon has revealed significantly less water […]

Anne Voss-Bark Memorial Award 2018

28 June 2018
In its fourth year, the Anne Voss-Bark Memorial Award 2018 is now open to students. See below for details on this exciting award, and please share with any suitable students you may know.   What is the Anne Voss-Bark Memorial Award? Set up by Salmon & Trout Conservation in collaboration with the Arundel Arms and Fario Club, the Anne Voss-Bark Memorial Award 2018 offers students: One week work experience with the West Country Rivers Trust; learning catchment management and water science from the Trusts eminent scientists Two day fly fishing course Complimentary stay at the Arundell Arms hotel during the […]

Afon Myddyfi – Photo Story

29 June 2018
  What is happening on the Myddfyi? The Myddyfi rises from a network of ditches and drains to the north of Salem, in the heart of rural Carmarthenshire, and flows first to the southwest, and then southwards towards Pentrefelin, before joining the Tywi at Cilsan. It appears to enjoy good health along much of its 8km length, as witnessed at Birdshill Bridge, only a little over a kilometre from its confluence with the Tywi: Just a short distance downstream of a confluence with a small stream which passes close to a stock feeding station, evidence of siltation is clearly visible: […]

SSPO retreats from commitments given in evidence session to MSPs

11 July 2018
  Salmon farmers renege on transparency promises to Scottish Parliament’s Environment Committee   Scotland’s salmon farmers have delivered an extraordinary snub to the Scottish Parliament’s influential Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee.   SSPO commitments to transparency on sea lice data made in oral evidence have been reneged on, ignoring the unanimous demands of the MSPs for the publication of this data as specified in the ECCLR Committee’s March report on salmon farming – despite a formal reminder by the Committee’s Convenor.   In its comprehensive and detailed report into the environmental impacts of salmon farming, published in […]

Dwindling flylife evidences a worrying decline of the River Test

20 July 2018
Decline of the River Test The River Test is one of our most famous, if not the most famous, trout river in the country; yet we have significant evidence that it is sadly in decline. Furthermore, we can now point the finger firmly in the direction of  Chilbolton and Fullerton Waste Water Sewage Works; or, more aptly, the permits which legally condone their destructive discharge.   How do we know the River Test is in trouble?  Healthy ecosystems mean healthy waterways; if the invertebrate life is in trouble, then so too is the river. Aside from sustaining the food-chain, river insects […]

S&TC Cymru partners with other conservation groups to help restore endangered eels

27 July 2018
Conservation groups give hope for endangered eels by providing them a new home at Cyfarthfa Park Lake, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales S&TC Cymru and South East Wales Rivers Trust, as joint lead partners for the European eel in the Wales Environment Link (WEL) species champion initiative, have come together with National Resources Wales to help protect critically endangered eels in Merthyr. As part of the initiative – which also involves removing barriers to migration – an abundance of young eels (known as elvers) are being released into Cyfarthfa Park Lake. Witnessing the release of the first 15 on Thursday 26th July were […]

S&TC formally notifies EA over River Itchen damage below Alresford Salads

07 August 2018
Salmon & Trout Conservation has formally notified (1) the Environment Agency about serious and ongoing damage to the River Itchen, a highly protected Special Area of Conservation (2). S&TC commissioned professional monitoring has exposed extensive decline among important riverfly insects, as confirmed by the Environment Agency’s own data, in an area immediately downstream of Alresford Salads (3). Alresford Salads (4), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bakkavor, is permitted under the terms of its current permit (issued 2002) to discharge the equivalent of seven tankers of chemical effluent into the headwaters of the River Itchen every morning. Their effluent, a cocktail […]

Scottish salmon farming seeks to expand as publication of Scottish Parliament’s Rural Economy Committee report approaches

07 August 2018
Whilst the report of the Rural Economy and Connectivity (REC) Committee into salmon farming in Scotland is awaited (scheduled for “early autumn”), applications for new salmon farms, or expansion of existing farms, are continuing apace. Applications to increase tonnage are in the pipeline from southern Argyll to the northern isles. These applications are generally not in the offshore locations that the fish farmers claim they want to develop to reduce the impact on wild fish. Local council planning departments are attempting to secure some limited protection for wild fish and meet their statutory duty under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act […]

S&TCS FOI Requests: Scottish Government still not responding lawfully

16 August 2018
S&TCS FOI Requests The Scottish Information Commissioner has issued yet another decision [1] against Scottish Ministers for their failure to comply with freedom of information law. This is now added to seven other decisions obtained in the last 15 months by S&TCS to do with requests for information about salmon farms.   Eight decisions from the Scottish Information Commissioner on aquaculture in just fifteen months The latest decision relates to information about an escape of 300,000 salmon reported in 2016 by The Scottish Salmon Company’s farm at its Scadabay on Harris [2]. Guy Linley-Adams said: “While we welcome this latest decision, […]

The curious case of the great salmon escape that wasn’t…

20 August 2018
  Scottish Ministers again failing to comply with FOI law over mysterious 2016 salmon farm escape of 300,000 fish that company now says never happened…. The reporting of the disappearance of 300,000 farmed salmon in 2016, understood at the time to be the industry’s biggest escape in many years, raises serious questions about the oversight and regulation of salmon farming and Scottish Government’s dubious record on transparency. In June 2016, The Scottish Salmon Company reported that it believed about 300,000 salmon, with an average weight of 623g, had escaped from its Scadabay farm on Harris. Over the next 18 months […]

Plastic Rivers

31 August 2018
Plastic Rivers: An overlooked but essential element of the global plastic problem We are all familiar with the shocking plastic-related headlines and imagery that has filled our media channels over the past year: sea turtles with straws up their noses, the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ and fears about plastics in our seafood. But our plastic problem begins upstream. Plastic pollution is frequently described as an ‘ocean epidemic’. Although this is the truth, microplastics are much more than an ocean specific issue. Microplastics are everywhere; soil, air and our rivers – but for the most part these are overlooked.   80% […]

Wild Adult Salmon Run Decimated By Sea Lice

03 September 2018
Important Hebridean adult wild salmon run decimated by parasites as sea lice numbers on local salmon farms rise and dead farmed fish are taken ashore for burial Underwater video and photos show graphic evidence of wild salmon covered in parasites Above: A dead wild adult Blackwater salmon, fatally wounded after its skin has been stripped away by hundreds of parasitic sea lice Video link – S&TC website | Video link – S&TC Youtube A substantial proportion of this year’s wild adult salmon run, into one of the Hebrides’ most renowned rivers, has been killed by a plague of parasitic sea lice […]

Riverfly Census uncovers rare mayfly species: Brown May Dun

06 September 2018
The Brown May Dun (Heptagenia fuscorgrisea) As a result of our species level monitoring of riverfly life as part of our groundbreaking Riverfly Census, the highly elusive brown may dun Heptagenia fuscogrisea has recently been discovered in both the Usk (at Great Hadwick) and the Ribble (at Long Pool). Significant Discovery The rare brown may dun has a conservation status of Nationally Notable and is incredibly elusive and localised. It is occasionally found in Dumfries, Galloway, Thames Catchment and in Ireland; but this is the first reported sighting on both the Ribble and the Usk, and possibly in Wales. The discovery is significant due to […]

High resolution monitoring is essential for river conservation

07 September 2018
This is a re-posting of an original article from Environmental Technology   High Resolution Monitoring on the Itchen Working on behalf of Salmon & Trout Conservation (S&TC), researchers from the University of Portsmouth have been investigating nutrient concentrations in the Upper River Itchen, in Hampshire, UK, to better understand where phosphorus is coming from and how it is impacting river ecology. The work has been underway for over three years and Lauren Mattingley, Science Officer for S&TC says: “Continuous monitoring of phosphorus has improved our understanding of nutrient dynamics in the Itchen. To date the results from this monitoring have […]

River Itchen pollution: Alresford Salads trial chlorine-free cleaning products

13 September 2018
Is the end of chlorine-based cleaning products at Alresford salad washing plant finally in sight? Finally, it appears Alresford salad washing plant is planning to stop using chlorine-based cleaning products. This would mean that there would no longer be any products used to wash the site’s equipment that could react to form chloramines, which are highly toxic to water life even in very low concentrations in water.   A small win for S&TC At S&TC we have been campaigning for this for a long-time. Our own Riverfly Census invertebrate data and phosphate monitoring on the Itchen in recent years indicate […]

Loch Roag Sea Lice: SSPO Defence Falls Flat

19 September 2018
Mea culpa……mea what? On September 3 we issued a news release detailing the deaths, in the Blackwater River (Isle of Lewis), of a substantial proportion of this Hebridean system’s wild adult salmon run.   The tip of the iceberg The corpses removed from the tidal Sea pool were likely just the tip of the iceberg with many more dying out in the sea loch. The underwater video of a moribund wild salmon, infested with and being eaten alive by many hundreds of sea lice and gasping for oxygen, made for disturbing viewing. A week later, on September 10, BBC TV […]

Agricultural Bill: Is a ‘Green Brexit’ possible?

20 September 2018
The first major Agriculture Bill for over 70 years has now been published, promising a cleaner, greener and healthier environment post Brexit Currently farmers receive €4 billion in subsides each year, which is divided up related to the total amount of land farmed. For current subsidies farmers do not need to ‘do’ anything. The new Bill proposes farmers are paid for delivering public goods; things we cannot buy in a shop, like clean water, flood attenuation, thriving wildlife and healthy soils.   Funding a ‘Green Brexit’ The headlines are good. But as with everything, the devil will be in the […]

Hardy partners with S&TC to help conserve wild fish

08 October 2018
Hardy partners with S&TC Salmon & Trout Conservation are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with leading tackle manufacturer, Hardy. The collaboration will see the two organisations work together on various projects to conserve wild fish and their waters, including the production and auction of two truly bespoke Hardy outfits for S&TC’s glittering Annual Auction this November. The flagship lot at this year’s auction is an extremely generous contribution from Hardy, with whom S&TC are proud to announce an exciting long-term partnership. Defined by their 1800’s heritage and English-made, top quality tackle, such a collaboration combines not just Hardy’s […]

S&TC joins 100 NGOs in Europe-wide #ProtectWater campaign

09 October 2018
S&TC is one of 100 NGOs[1 ] joining forces across Europe to tackle proposed weakening of EU freshwater protection laws As part of #ProtectWater, we are uniting to launch a campaign calling on the European Commission to defend the law that protects all sources of water, such as rivers, lakes, wetlands and groundwater, during its current review. Such laws are integral to the future health and abundance of wild fish, especially salmon and trout who urgently need their waters better protected from over-abstraction, barriers to migration and all forms of pollution. To weaken these laws further would certainly speed up salmon […]

S&TC response to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee consultation over the Agriculture Bill 2018

09 October 2018
S&TC’s EFRA response S&TC respond to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee consultation over the Agriculture Bill 2018. Our Head of Science and Environmental Policy, Dr Janina Gray, recently wrote about the Bill, stating that, while we cautiously welcome the Bill, the devil will be in the detail and especially in the amount of commitment to resources by the Government to enforcing the legislation for the minority of farmers who persistently pollute our rivers and streams. Read More – Our view: Is a Green Brexit possible? Read More – View our full response to EFRA   What does the […]

River Itchen damage below Alresford Salads: Autumn 2018 photos

15 October 2018
New photos show damage in River Itchen below Bakkavor’s Alresford Salads factory. At S&TC we have long been campaigning to stop Bakkavor discharging their salad wash effluent into the headwaters of the River Itchen. The Itchen is a designated Special Area of Conservation (SAC), and we fear that the chemicals in their discharge are harming the environment. Read more: Chlorine in our conservation areas? Read more: Toxic chemicals keep coming Our latest autumn samples of invertebrates and algal growth, from a site just downstream of the Bakkavor factory, reinforces our concern. Our autumn river bed photos, and samples of invertebrates […]

Anne Voss-Bark Memorial Award 2018: Winner announced

16 October 2018
Anne Voss-Bark Memorial Award 2018: Winner Announced at Arundell Arms S&TC are proud to announce that their prestigious Anne Voss-Bark Memorial Award 2018 has been awarded to PHD student William Davison, of Exeter University. The award was presented to William on the 10th of October at the Arundell Arms, by proprietor, and Anne-voss Bark’s son, Adam Fox Edwards and S&TC Executive Vice-President Tony Bird, in a lunch attended by award partners, the Fario Club and West Country Rivers Trust. Above: Adam Fox Edwards (Arundel Arms), William Davison and Tony Bird (S&TC) Set up by S&TC in 2014, in collaboration with the Arundel Arms and Fario Club, […]

Salmon farming industry blames wild fish for sea lice infestations

30 October 2018
  Sea lice on farmed salmon – the ultimate solution In September, following months of media exposes of salmon farming’s dire environmental failures, the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation (SSPO) announced the appointment of a leading political journalist to the newly created role of “Director of Strategic Engagement”. In the SSPO’s news release, the appointee is quoted as “looking forward to playing my part in helping the industry cement its already excellent reputation for sustainability…”. One wonders just where he has been to reach such a view of the industry’s record! Now it seems that his first strategic initiative is coalescing. […]

“Organic” farmed salmon – let’s get real

12 November 2018
  “Organic” farmed salmon Similar scenarios play out at dinner tables up and down the UK, particularly during the festive season. Salmon, either smoked or “fresh”, is served and the host, feigning environmental awareness, announces along the lines of: “Don’t worry, we are always very responsible – we only ever buy ‘organic’ salmon.” But is eating “organic” farmed salmon really environmentally responsible? The blunt and unequivocal answer is, no! “Organic” salmon is a con. It is simply a marketing ploy‎, aimed at the naive and ignorant well-heeled, especially those who frequent the more prestigious supermarkets and food emporiums, to persuade […]

S&TC Cymru welcomes new agricultural pollution regulations

19 November 2018
  Welcome news from Wales: New regulatory measures to tackle agricultural pollution Following an extensive lobbying exercise, S&TC Cymru are greatly encouraged by the recent announcement by Lesley Griffiths, Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs, to introduce regulatory measures to combat the growing threat to the freshwater environment from agricultural pollution. The regulations will come into force in January 2020 with transitional periods for some elements to allow farmers time to adapt and ensure compliance. The regulations, to be confirmed next spring, will include the following measures: Nutrient management planning Sustainable fertiliser applications linked to the […]

SIFCA Consultation: Help us ban inshore netting which threatens salmon & trout

26 November 2018
Join S&TC in seeking to ban inshore netting in Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to help protect genetically-unique chalkstream salmon and sea trout. Salmon & Trout Conservation has responded to an important consultation on the future of net fishing in the harbours and estuarine waters of the South Coast. We want a cessation of netting in these areas out to one mile off-shore. Anything less is not sufficiently protective of our vulnerable migratory fish, and many other species such as bass and mullet: Recent research has shown that Southern Chalkstream salmon are genetically distinct from all other European […]

Suffering salmon: A temperature-gauge for our worryingly low water-flow

26 November 2018
By our Head of Science and Policy, Dr Janina Gray. The original article was written for Countryside and Wildlife Link. What would a third dry winter mean for wildlife and habitats? Worryingly low water flows are of major concern to much wildlife, particularly salmon which rely on flowing rivers to travel to estuaries to spawn. As our minds start focusing in on Christmas after a warm summer and mild autumn, the elephant in the room not receiving much attention at the moment, is the continued dry weather which could drive us into a 3rd dry winter. Whilst we are all […]

S&TCS warmly welcomes the Rural Economy Committee’s report on salmon farming

27 November 2018
S&TCS warmly welcomes the Rural Economy Committee’s report on salmon farming Scottish Government must now act quickly to put in place greater protection for wild salmon and sea trout. View the REC Committee Report here Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS) has warmly welcomed the Rural Economy and Connectivity (REC) Committee’s report on salmon farming, published today. The report builds on the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee’s report published in March. Guy Linley-Adams, Solicitor for S&TCS, commented: “This Report is a strong vindication of the campaign S&TCS has spearheaded for some years now, and the arguments we […]

#ProtectWater campaign success: brilliant news for our waters and fish

06 December 2018
First success for #ProtectWater campaign Thanks to an extensive collaborative effort from over 100 NGO’s across Europe, including S&TC, an important first milestone has been achieved in the defence of our water’s environmental protection laws. A paper drafted by a group of government officials, seeking to weaken the laws which currently protect our waters, has NOT been endorsed at the recent Water Directors’ meeting. Government officials from Member States prepared a paper for last week’s meeting of Water Directors – who represent their national governments on all decisions related to water management. The paper included a series of proposed changes […]