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Pinpointing the pressures

SmartRivers gives volunteer groups the training and tools to collect and analyse invertebrate samples.

Invertebrates are used as a diagnostic test. Every invertebrate species is unique and has its own set of water quality preferences. So, by plugging in what invertebrate species are present and which are absent at a site into a special calculator, we can generate a pollution ‘fingerprint’.

Ultimately, through SmartRivers we will achieve a library of water quality ‘fingerprints’ across the UK, allowing us to unravel the mystery around the pollutants ‘stressing out’ our wild fish like never before.

Salmon Farm Reform

Protection during migration

Through Salmon Farm Reform we are championing a shift to production systems where the salmon farming industry and wild fish can thrive together.

Open-net pen salmon farming is currently devastating wild fish stocks and harming the environment in Scotland. Wild salmon and trout migrate past the farm sites and are exposed to parasites and disease, reducing the likelihood that they will successfully complete their life cycles.

We have secured two parliamentary inquiries and continue to push for the much needed legislative change necessary to keep our fish safe.

Water action

Shaping and enforcing policy

Water Action is a where local case studies, supported by our own evidence, are used to shape and enforce water policies to improve the condition of our waters.

Management of our water environments is underpinned by policy. Ensuring we have policies fit for purpose to protect wild fish is essential.

Drawing on scientific evidence from our previous Riverfly Census project and now SmartRivers, we identify local examples of where current policy is not delivering enough environmental protection and work to change it.

We rely on your support to protect wild fish and the places they live.

By donating or joining as a member you will be making a huge contribution to the fight to protect the UK's waters and ensure a sustainable future for wild fish.

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