Salmon Farming Overview

Salmon farming has become a major industry in Scotland’s west Highlands, Hebrides and Northern Isles. We are not seeking to close the industry down, but it needs to be far more sustainable than its current business model allows.

The evidence is clear that salmon farming has done great harm to our wild salmon and sea trout. The industry must, if it is to be genuinely sustainable, acknowledge and address the negative and damaging impacts it has on our migratory wild salmonids.

A wealth of scientific evidence points to a clear link between salmon farms and adverse impacts on wild salmon and sea trout, both from the transfer of disease and parasites, especially sea lice, and the interbreeding of escaped farmed salmon with wild stocks, thus potentially endangering gene pools.

Help to secure a sustainable future for Scotland’s wild fish

Our immediate focus is collecting evidence for the Scottish Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into salmon farming and its impact on wild salmon and sea trout. We influenced the setting up of this Inquiry and it is a once in a generation opportunity to move the industry towards sustainability.