85% of the world’s chalkstreams are found in England. They are as internationally rare and ecologically important as coral reefs or rainforests.

Why are our chalkstreams at risk?

Chalkstreams are groundwater fed. Natural refilling of this underground water (from rain) is essential to ensure our chalkstreams stay flowing.

Despite this, water companies rely on ‘cheap’ chalk aquifer water, rather than investing in alternative supply solutions.

Phosphorus enters rivers from agricultural run-off and wastewater discharges from sewage works.

100% of the chalkstreams we sampled in our Riverfly Census exhibited concerning stress from phosphorus enrichment at one or more sites.

Our data confirms invertebrate communities in chalkstreams are biologically distinct from other rivers.

Despite this, all rivers are regulated under Water Framework Directive which uses the same generic, one size fits all approach.

What we're lobbying for

Bespoke ecological targets for chalkstreams

A properly resourced Environment Agency to deliver and enforce regulations

An ambitious timeframe to stop water company reliance on ‘cheap’ chalk aquifer water

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