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We are the UK’s leading wild fish charity. We work to increase awareness of the growing need to protect our rivers, lakes and oceans and their dependent wildlife in the face of pollution, over abstraction and insensitive fish farming.

Through our campaigns we are the voice for wild fish and all water-dependent life. Our aim is to safeguard freshwater and marine environments - now and for future generations.

We work hard to keep UK waters wild without the use of public money.  All our success is a product of your passion and support.


We rely on your support to protect wild fish and the places they live.

By donating or joining as a member you will be making a huge contribution to the fight to protect the UK's waters and ensure a sustainable future for wild fish.

What your membership contribution does:

Salmon Farm Reform

Puts your name behind the evidence base for our Scottish Parliamentary Inquiry - a once in a generation opportunity to shape a future where salmon farming and wild fish can both thrive.


Helps profile waters all around the UK - to truly understand how to help protect and, where necessary, restore them by providing an accurate baseline for measuring positive change.


Runs continuous in-river water samplers, to pinpoint what is holding our rivers back from their full potential and obtain evidence that officials cannot ignore.


Help us achieve our objectives to protect water dependent life and where they live. You will be supporting a team that, through the use of sound scientific evidence, makes a real difference to life in our water environments.

Only with your continued support can we achieve a sustainable water environment with an abundance of fish and other wildlife - for our and future generations to enjoy.

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