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A gift of any size makes a huge difference to wild fish and their future

We receive no government money for our important work protecting the UK's wild fish. Our research and campaigning is funded entirely by donations, legacies, members and our auction. Such support has enabled us to achieve significant and far-reaching outcomes, to be true guardians of salmon, trout and their waterways.

It matters not how you much you can offer us, we earnestly appreciate all donations and use them to the best of their ability to make a difference.

You can continue to be part of our story in conserving UK wild fish, protecting their habitats and fighting against destructive influences which threaten them.

Let your passion for salmon, trout, and your favourite rivers live on into the future

We rely on the support of individuals such as yourself to help us enact change where it is most needed. We currently work hard to stop the exploitation and destruction of our rivers, to keep our river ecosystems healthy and conducive to fish life, and to protect wild salmon and trout from the far reaching effects of salmon farming.

Sadly, this work is not decreasing, and we need continued investment to help us preserve our beautiful wild fish while we still have the chance.

A legacy is the gift that keeps on giving: your enthusiasm for wild fish lives on, and your support continues to have an impact on the conservation of salmon and trout.

Help to protect salmon & trout for generations to come

We cannot carry on this vital work without your help

As the UK's leading wild fish charity, we have been protecting and preserving our precious wild waterways for over 100 years - and we will continue this work far, far into the future.

We know you care about our environment. Perhaps you fear that the rivers, lakes and streams you cherish now will not flourish or thrive for your children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Leaving a legacy allows you to invest in positive change - an investment which will continue to bear fruit long into the future.

We use legacies and donations to enact real change

We are leading the campaign against the unsustainable practices of open net fish farming. We created and run the ground-breaking Riverfly Census, the first ever scientific research into the health of our native fly life.

Our legal challenges across the UK have force the powers that be to rethink what is going into our waters and how - because we use smart strategies and sound evidence which ensure we continue to win.

Your legacy will help us fund professional scientific data, to identify and then campaign against the key threats to salmon and trout.

Your legacy will help our campaigns succeed, ensuring healthy and bountiful rivers are passed on to future generations

Legacies enable greater collaboration

Thanks to individual gifts and legacies, we have the resources to invest in and benefit from a great record working with important bodies, and other NGO's, up and down the UK to enact powerful change - but always using science as our start point.

Legacies and private donations funded S&TC’s successful challenge to the EU over Scotland’s lack of protection for wild salmon, culminating in the closure of all coastal netting; while in North East England, our joint lobbying has helped eliminate damaging drift and shore fisheries.

Legacies fund scientific data

We support all our campaigns with sound scientific evidence. Coupled with the backing of expert legal advice, this is impossible for official decision makers to ignore. But professional evidence is not cheap to collect, collate or analyse.

Your generosity will help us pinpoint exactly what is holding our rivers back from their full potential; and only with this incontrovertible evidence can the right actions be implemented to give our rivers and fish the best possible chance of bouncing back.

No-one knows what threats our wild waters will face in the future; but with your help we can utilise our expertise, drive and passion to deliver this essential action for good.

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We understand you may have lots of questions and concerns regarding leaving us a legacy. Please read our short FAQ's below, but more importantly please get in touch with us at your convenience.

You can email us using the form below, or contact our fundraising manager Ursula Lewis on Ursula@salmon-trout.org or 01425 652 461 to let us know if you are considering leaving a donation.

Any contact with us is confidential and completely non binding; we would simply like to hear from you, talk about your wishes and offer our legal assistance.


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We rely on your support to protect wild fish and the places they live.

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