Untangled Talks with Feargal Sharkey

On Thursday 18th February, over 260 guests attended an evening of conversation with Salmon & Trout Conservation VP, Feargal Sharkey. The first in a new series from Salmon and Trout Conservation (S&TC) in which host Matthew Wright seeks to untangle the people and issues associated with wild fish conservation.

Nick Measham, CEO of S&TC, said: “The Untangled Talks provide a great opportunity for guests to hear from some of the key people invested in wild fish conservation. Open to everyone, the session with Feargal was the first in a series of topical discussions. I am thrilled to announce that our next guest will be wildlife photographer and filmmaker Jack Perks on Thursday 11th March.”

Hosted online, attendees enjoyed a dynamic conversation which explored the risks facing our water environments and the species which inhabit them including over-abstraction and pollution.

Matthew Wright, S&TC VP and host of the Untangled Talks, said: “A fascinating and revealing conversation where the one time punk rocker reveals not only a deep understanding of the many issues facing salmon and trout conservation but also explains his tactics for change – essential listening for anyone who cares about the environment”

A recording of The Untangled Talks with Feargal Sharkey is available to download here.

Salmon & Trout Conservation sponsors wildlife filmmaker Jack Perks latest project

Salmon and Trout Conservation (S&TC) has announced its support of leading wildlife photographer and film maker, Jack Perks, in his latest project Britain’s Hidden Fishes.

Nick Measham, CEO at S&TC, said: “we are delighted and proud to support this excellent initiative from Jack. We hope that this film will give the UK’s wild fish population (salmon, sea trout, brown trout and grayling amongst others) the conservation profile they deserve. The aim is to show our fish in all their glory and offer some insight into the challenges they face.”

“Jack has assembled a team that includes some of the UK’s very best young nature film makers to support him in the production of this piece. As the UK’s leading wild fish conservation charity we are extremely encouraged by the anticipated awareness that this project will bring to existing and new audiences.”

Britain’s Hidden Fishes is a short film campaign and hopes to be made possible through crowd funding. The film aims to uncover the underwater world that is hidden within the network of rivers, lakes, ponds and seas that criss-cross the British Isles.

Speaking about the project, Jack said: “over the course of my career I have lucky to film every freshwater fish in the UK, and many of the marine species, which gives me a unique understanding and appreciation of our fishy denizens.”

“We have a multitude of wildlife spectacles and stories happen right now, on our doorsteps, only they are hidden beneath the waterline and untold. The intention is for an hour long film, narrated by Jeremy Wade, that creates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of the most incredible creatures we have in the British Isles, from tiny sticklebacks to behemoth basking sharks.”

“Britain’s fish are often overlooked and under-appreciated. This film is about putting them in the spotlight to truly give them the recognition they deserve.”

Jack and his talented team of editors, composers, consultants and camera operators hope to begin filming this month. The film is expected in February 2022.

To support the production of Britain’s Hidden Fishes visit Jack’s crowd funding page here.